Family Maintenance Foundation is a North Carolina based organization. The purpose of the foundation is to provide children in the foster care system and their families the tools necessary for reunification through legal, practical and spiritual methods.

Our foundation focuses on the essentials of the entire family unit. It helps to build positive relationships when children have been removed from the home and placed in the foster care system. The children range in age from infants to eighteen years of age. They all have different backgrounds, strengths, educational levels, personalities, experiences and losses. Research has shown that families in underserved communities tend to be more at risk for utilizing the foster care system than any other population. Lack of finances, jobs, and stable living conditions, leave the families feeling as though they are unsupported. In turn, this makes it difficult to find resources for legal representation, support for start-up careers, educational continuance and permanent housing.

The Family Maintenance Foundation program will enable and empower parents and children to find support as it facilitates reunification. We recognize that each individual need quality support and structure rather than a verbal approach of “go and get a job”. The parents of these foster children need to be shown compassion, empathy, and respect. At all times, they need to feel like there is hope to break free of seemingly endless cycles that they are caught up in.

Hope gives the parents the feeling to take back control of their lives and the lives of their children regardless of the situation. Even though there are prior choices that challenged the family dynamics, Family Maintenance Foundation will assist the parents in taking ownership and responsibility for their roles with multiple services such as:

  • Educating the children and making sure they are engaged in their proper school-aged curriculums.
  • Supporting parents, family members or caregivers through educational endeavors such as college, GED or trade school.
  • Encouraging positive behaviors for continued education, quality work ethics, and enhanced social and parenting skills.
  • Support for former inmate entrepreneurship and employment is another trademark of this program.
  • Assisting our discharged or retired military personnel with entrepreneurship and skills to build a successful future.

Our goal as the Family Maintenance Foundation will provide tools and enhance skills such as writing, reading, and work ethics. We will connect resources for housing, food, healthcare, counseling and spiritual fulfillment. The Family Maintenance Foundation understands that identifying ways to acquire success gives everyone the drive to build their lives. The leading solution of the program is to focus on the whole family for reunification.